List of Blended Learning Courses

Below is a list of HKUST courses that have been offered in the Blended Learning mode:
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(Updated since Feb 2017)



Instructor /
Course Lead

Course Code / Name

IPO ENVR Prof David Brown ENVR3003 Green Buildings and Energy Management
IPO ENVR Prof Robert Gibson ENVR1050 The Sustainable Citizens
IPO ENVR Prof Robert Gibson ENVR4320 ESG Management and Reporting
IPO ENVR Prof Alexis Lau
Prof Jimmy Fung
ENVR1170 Climate Change, Sustainability and Big History
SBM FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal FINA5120 Corporate Finance
SBM FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal FINA5350 Strategic Finance & Value Creation
SBM FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal EMBA5080 Managerial Finance I
SBM ISOM Prof Ronald Lau ISOM1500 Insightful Decisions
SBM ISOM Prof James SH Kwok ISOM3230 Business Application Programming
SBM ISOM Prof James SH Kwok ISOM4100 Information Systems Auditing and Security
SBM ISOM Prof Jeevan Jaisingh ISOM5460 Project Management
SENG CBME Prof Ka Ming Ng CENG1000 Introduction to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
SENG CBME Prof Henry Lam CENG2210 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
SENG CIVL Prof Shang Chii CIVL1140 Environmental Quality Control and Improvement
SENG CIVL Prof Chih-chen Chang CIVL3310 Structural Analysis
SENG CSE Prof T C Pong COMP1022P Introduction to Computing with Java
SENG CSE Prof Kenneth Leung COMP1001 Exploring Multimedia and Internet Computing
SENG CSE Prof Jogesh Muppla COMP1029A Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Android
SENG ECE Prof Weichuan Yu ELEC5810 Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms
SENG IELM Prof Fugee Tsung IELM3270 Quality Engineering
SENG IELM Prof Jiheng Zhang IELM2510 Engineering Probability and Statistics
SENG MAE Prof Kai Tang MECH1901 Automotive Engineering and Technologies
SHSS CLE Mr Nigel Huckstep HUMA1000 Cultures and Values (writing workshop component)
SHSS HUMA Prof James Lee SHSS3001 New History and New China, 1700-2000: Medium
SSCI CHEM Prof Ian Williams CHEM3010 Great Ideas in Chemistry
SSCI LIFS Prof Robert Ko
Dr Philip Lam
Dr Melody Leung
Dr Helen Cheung
Dr Jessica Tang
LIFS1930 Nature of Life Sciences
Prof King Chow
Prof Lam Lung Yeung
SCIE1050 Gastronomy
SSCI MATH Dr Albert Ku MATH2741 Geometric Constructions
SSCI PHYS Prof Pak Wo Leung PHYS1112 General Physics with Calculus
SSCI PHYS Prof Brad Foreman PHYS4050 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
SSCI PHYS Prof Tao Liu PHYS4055 Nuclear and Particle Physics