How to Get Started?

To help faculty make a smooth transition to blended teaching, the University has an initiative asking each department to submit a proposal to CEI for trialing the blended learning (BL) approach. If you are interested in exploring this approach and would be highly committed to it, you may contact your Department Head and Dean, or staff at CEI to discuss your initiative. Once a proposal has been approved by the eLearning Task Force and EVPPO, central support services will be offered to help you move on with your project.

Proposal Submission

The proposal application forms below come with guided questions to help you complete. Alternatively, you may refer to the first page of each form to contact relevant personnel at CEI for assistance.

Development Workflow

Upon approval of your proposal, CEI will touch base to kick start your project. The central support team, consisting different skill sets, will provide assistance along the way from  design to development, review and delivery.

Click on the relevant link below to see a more detailed workflow and key tasks involved in each of the stages.

Other useful information