HKUST courses offered in the Blended Learning mode

Below is a list of HKUST courses that have been offered in the Blended Learning mode:
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(Updated since Feb 2018)



Instructor /
Course Lead

Course Code / Name

IPO ENVR Prof Robert Gibson ENVR1050 - The Sustainable Citizens
ENVR Prof Alexis Lau
Prof Jimmy Fung
ENVR1170 - Climate Change, Sustainability and Big History
ENVR Prof David Brown ENVR3003 - Green Buildings and Energy Management
ENVR Prof Robert Gibson ENVR4320 - ESG Management and Reporting
SBM FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal EMBA5080 - Managerial Finance I
FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal FINA5120 - Corporate Finance
FINA Prof Vidhan Goyal FINA5350 - Strategic Finance & Value Creation
ISOM Prof Ronald Lau ISOM1500 - Insightful Decisions
ISOM Prof Ronald Lau ISOM2700 - Operations Management
ISOM Prof James SH Kwok ISOM3230 - Business Application Programming
ISOM Prof James SH Kwok ISOM4100 - Information Systems Auditing and Security
ISOM Prof Ki Ling Cheung ISOM4770 - Supply Chain Management
ISOM Prof Jeevan Jaisingh ISOM5460 - Project Management
MARK Prof Joseph Salvacruz MARK3520 - Competitive Positioning
SENG CBME Prof Ka Ming Ng CENG1000 - Introduction to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CBME Prof Henry Lam CENG2210 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CIVL Prof Shang Chii CIVL1140 - Environmental Quality Control and Improvement
CIVL Prof Chih-chen Chang CIVL3310 - Structural Analysis
CSE Prof Kenneth Leung COMP1001 - Exploring Multimedia and Internet Computing
CSE Prof T C Pong COMP1022P - Introduction to Computing with Java
CSE Prof Jogesh Muppla COMP1029A - Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Android
ECE Prof Weichuan Yu ELEC5810 - Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms
ELEC Prof Albert Wong ELEC2100 - Signals and Systems
IELM Prof Jiheng Zhang IELM2510 - Engineering Probability and Statistics
IELM Prof Fugee Tsung IELM3270 - Quality Engineering
MAE Prof Kai Tang MECH1901 - Automotive Engineering and Technologies
MECH Prof Michael Wang
Prof Robin Ma
MECH2520 - Design and Manufacturing I
MECH Prof Huihe Qiu MECH3830 - Laboratory
SHSS CLE Mr Nigel Huckstep HUMA1000 - Cultures and Values (writing workshop component)
HUMA Prof James Lee SHSS3001 - New History and New China, 1700-2000: Medium
SSCI CHEM Prof Ian Williams CHEM3010 - Great Ideas in Chemistry
LIFS Prof Robert Ko
Dr Philip Lam
Dr Melody Leung
Dr Helen Cheung
Dr Jessica Tang
LIFS1930 - Nature of Life Sciences
Prof King Chow
Prof Lam Lung Yeung
SCIE1050 - Gastronomy
MATH Dr Albert Ku MATH2741 - Geometric Constructions
MATH Dr Albert Ku MATH1012 - Calculus IA
PHYS Prof Brad Foreman PHYS4050 - Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PHYS Prof Tao Liu PHYS4055 - Nuclear and Particle Physics