2004 T & L Symposium

The Teaching and Learning Symposium is a biennial event, aimed at nurturing and showcasing continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning at the University; emphasizing collaboration of practices and innovations within the University community.

Specific objectives for this symposium are:

  • To disseminate innovative teaching and active learning approaches at HKUST that:
    • Increase student understanding
    • Heighten student interaction and engagement
    • Develop students as lifelong learners
    • Enrich students’ educational experiences
  • To provide an opportunity for colleagues to meet and discuss their teaching initiatives across the schools and departments of the University and with colleagues from other universities in Hong Kong
  • To disseminate the proceedings to a wide audience after the Symposium
  • To record the University's achievements in promoting teaching and learning quality


The symposium will be organized around four main themes:

  • Promoting the use of technology innovations and tools that enhance student learning
  • Using visualizations and simulations to increase student understanding
  • Implementing innovative active learning approaches such as peer learning and problem-based learning
  • Implementing across the curriculum and across the community initiatives