RPG End-of-Program Satisfaction Survey

An End-of-Program survey is given to graduating research postgraduate (i.e. MPhil and PhD) students to collect feedback on their program of study. The questionnaire covers all aspect of their study experience at HKUST including thesis supervision, coursework, professional development training, career development and overall learning experience with HKUST etc.

RPg students are required to complete the online questionnaire when they submit their final thesis to the department. Confirmation emails will be sent to students after the survey forms have been completed. As respondents to the survey will not be individually identified to their department, students are required to print out the confirmation email and submit it to their department.

Data collected for students graduated in each academic year is tabulated and analyzed with assistance from Office of Planning and Institutional Research. The trend analysis and tabulated results are shared with Schools and departments in aggregated format.

RPG End-of-Program Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire