Evaluation of UROP

UROP was launched in 2005 to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to engage in academic research, aiming to increase their understanding of what real research is like. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the enrollment in UROP courses. Commissioned by the Dean of Students in 2012-13, an effort was made to assess its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement by surveying faculty and students participating in UROP.  Areas of the investigation covered the following areas:

  1. Reasons for participation in UROP
  2. Experience of participation in UROP projects
  3. Learning outcomes from UROP, sense of belonging to a community of researchers and the likelihood to pursue a research degree

Data Collection

Data was collected for UROP course students in four terms from summer 2012 to Sep 2013 using an online questionnaire. 


All UROP students were invited to answer the survey. In total, 462 out of 625 students completed the survey (overall response rate = 73.9%).