Undergraduate Intake Survey

Like other universities in Hong Kong, HKUST has been collecting information about students’ family background for many years.  Starting from 2007, the intake survey was expanded in scope.  The current intake survey has 3 components, namely

  1. Students’ family background,
  2. Special education needs, and
  3. Students’ pre-university experience and admission to university.  

This survey forms the first of a series of UG student surveys.  Together they provide the university with data covering essential aspects of all UG students and their UG experiences.

The objective of the survey is mainly to provide the university and the teaching staff with a better understanding of the students that are admitted to our UG programs, which include:

  1. Students’ family backgrounds and special education needs
  2. Academic experience in pre-university education
  3. Out-of-class activities in pre-university education
  4. Reading habits and use of digital devices
  5. Planning and preparing for university education
  6. Orientation experience at HKUST
  7. Goals and expectations

Completion of this survey is made part of the course requirement of HLTH 1010, which is a compulsory course for all new UG intakes.  As a result, the response rate of this survey is usually near 100%.