Guidelines for completing SFQ

The SFQ Survey is very important to the Quality Assurance of the University’s educational programs.  Students are reminded to adhere to these guidelines when completing the Survey.

  1. Read each question carefully.
  2. Base your responses on your own overall experience of this course, not a single incident.
  3. Present your views clearly, preferably with concrete examples.
  4. Personal attacks are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  5. Please answer in English.

In addition, you are reminded of the following:

  1. Avoid leaving the system idle too long, this will lead to a session timeout and possibly data loss.
  2. DO NOT close the tab / browser or press the navigation arrows (i.e. Forward / Backward buttons) of the browsers while completing the questionnaires. This again can lead to data loss.
  3. Remember to press the “Submit” button to complete the questionnaires.


Where can I complete SFQ?

There are different ways to complete SFQ surveys:

  1. Login LMES ( and go to “SFQ” section;
  2. Login Canvas ( and go to “SFQ” section;
  3. Install HKUST iLearn app ( iOS / Android ) on your smartphone / tablets and run the app.
  4. Access SFQ Mobile Website ( using mobile devices.