Departmental GTA Briefing Session (Spring 2017)

Welcome to the Spring 2017 GTA Training Program!

The Departmental GTA Briefing Session is organized for the participation of all new GTAs.

All new GTAs who complete programs registration on 14 and 16 January are expected to participate as it is the necessary first step to prepare for taking up teaching duties at HKUST. The briefing session aims for you to be familiarized with your GTA roles at HKUST, meet your departmental GTA peers, and understand the GTA Training Program details and requirements

  • Full attendance is expected and students are not required to register for the sessions.
  • Participating GTAs shall report for attendance at the venue (Designated Classrooms) 20 minutes before the scheduled time.
20 January - Friday
10:30 - 12:30 Departmental GTA Briefing Session  (Venue: Designated Classrooms)

GTAs are required to perform teaching duties assigned by their home department, ranging from reading and grading assignments; running tutorial or lab sessions; invigilating tests or examinations; holding office hours to answer students’ questions; and managing courses in the learning management system. In this session, GTAs can hear from their departmental Postgraduate Programs Coordinator (PGC) and/or Graduate Teaching Assistant Coordinator (TAC) on the specific arrangement and requirement of the teaching duties within their department, and learn from experienced GTAs on strategies to perform teaching duties effectively.

For departments in which laboratory sessions will be conducted, the Postgraduate Programs Coordinators / TACs will talk through some important notes when conducting labs and strategies to perform the teaching duties more effectively.

Important notes:
Students from the School of Science are required to take the Departmental GTA Briefing Session as a Professional Development Course requirement. Since the attendance of latecomers and early leavers will not be counted, students will need to arrange the schedule in order not to miss the session.