Let Your Voice Be Heard - Student Feedback Questionnaires - Spring 2014/15

Friday, 24 April, 2015 (All day)

Dear Students,

It is Week 11 now and the Spring Term this year will end soon. As in previous terms, you will be invited to provide feedback about the courses you have taken.

The University has been most eager to collect your views through a set of specially designed easy-to-complete questionnaires called STUDENT FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRES (SFQ). You may find more information about SFQ in the CELT website:

Your feedback about the courses you have completed is MOST IMPORTANT to the University's effort to evaluate and improve its educational programs, so PLEASE make every effort to complete these surveys BEFORE the final examinations. Please also note that the course instructors will not find out what you said in the SFQ survey.

For most courses, the survey will be conducted from 24 Apr to 8 May 2015. Right before the survey starts, we will email you details about the surveys you should complete.

We are pleased to let you know that we have launched a mobile app for you to complete SFQ survey.




So if you are using Android or iOS devices, you can download the app now by clicking the icons above. For other devices, please use your mobile browsers and log in to Mobile Version at sfq.ust.hk/mobile/. Alternatively, you can still complete the surveys through LMES (http://lmes.ust.hk).

Thank you for your attention and cooperation!

Best regards,

Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT)