Institutional eLearning Platform and Tools

Using technology to enhance the quality of teaching and learning has always been one of our key goals. We have established an institutional Learning Management platform and a number of innovative eLearning tools to enhance teaching and learning experience at HKUST.

To ensure the eLearning platform and tools are implemented effectively, we provides regular eLearning workshops to help teaching staff become familiar with them, understand the pedagogical value behind them and be able to use them effectively in your teaching activities.

We also constantly monitors the development of teaching technologies in the market and recommends other innovative tools which we see a pedagogical value in it. 

Below is a brief overview of the established eLearning platform and tools:







Canvas is a comprehensive and user friendly Learning Management System acquired by HKUST in Jul 2014 to support the University’s Blended Learning initiative and changing learning and teaching needs.

The platform was launched in Fall 2014/15 as a trial and in its full launch in Spring 2014/15. Canvas replaced the LMES completely by the end of Fall 2015/16.

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If you are interested in delivering your course through Canvas, please sign up here.

Login to Canvas here.

CEI offers regular workshops.

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Turnitin is an originality checking and anti-plagiarism software that is globally used by millions of students and faculty. Beyond checking the originality of students' work, Turnitin is promoting a writing cycle that makes anti-plagiarism more meaningful to students’ learning. The cycle includes originality checking, online grading and providing feedback and peer review.

HKUST has subscribed to its service in order to minimize plagiarism issues within HKUST.

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Turnitin has been integrated into Canvas to facilitate originality check for student work.

You may log into your course site in Canvas to utilize this feature for student assignment submission.

Covered in the regular Canvas Extended workshops.

Please check out the schedule here.


iPeer is a student peer evaluation system. It was adapted from an open source and HKUST customized it to suit our own needs. It supports 4 types of evaluations, namely Point Distribution, Rating Scale, Rubric and Commendation. The system aims to provide a platform for teaching staff to conduct student peer evaluation on group projects in a more efficient and effective way.

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CEI offers regular workshops.

Personal Response System (PRS / iPRS)

PRS / iPRS is a tool used to promote active learning. It enables instructors to receive and analyze instant feedback from students in a large classroom setting.

Students in a classroom or a lecture theatre can respond to questions posed by the instructor with the click of a button. This provides a means for the instructor to instantly assess students' understanding of the subject matter and collect instant feedback from all students.

PRS / iPRS has been setup in all the central managed lecture theaters and classrooms.

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If your students want to borrow the PRS handsets, please ask them to contact ITSC at 2358-6200 or visit the ITSC Service Desk at Rm 2021 (Lift 2).


No regular workshops but ITSC provides system usage support upon request.


Similar to iPRS, uReply enables instructors to receive and analyze instant feedback from students in-class. It is developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. HKUST is piloting it in Fall 2018 for a year.

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Coming soon.

CEI offers regular workshops.

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