GTA Training Program

GTA Training Program is offered to full-time research postgraduate students (RPgs) who were admitted in/before the academic year 2018-19. From Fall 2019-20, the newly admitted full-time RPgs will need to take the graduation required course: PDEV 6800 – Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

This training program aims to provide teaching fundamentals and skills to help RPgs to take up teaching-related duties assigned by their departments. All current GTAs are required to complete the six core workshops to fulfil the program requirements in two years. At the completion of the program, GTA graduates will receive a Certificate of Achievement as proof of participation in a teaching and learning training program.

As we are in transition to the new course, current GTAs who have not completed the program are advised to make-up for the outstanding workshops in Fall 2019-20. Current GTAs who cannot make up this term may be required to take the new course as the make-up arrangement starting from Spring 2019-20.

The make-up arrangement in Fall 2019-20 is as follows. Click on each workshop for the course description.

Workshops & Offering Dates / Times

Click on each workshop for the course description. Click here for registration.

Canvas is a comprehensive and user friendly Learning Management System acquired by the University to support its changing learning and teaching needs. This hands-on session will introduce you to the suggested workflow of Canvas and guide you through key basic features such as creating course content, managing the course learning path, communicating with students and monitoring their learning progress.

Note: This is an intensive workshop. After the instructors have started the workshop, latecomers may not be allowed entry.

This workshop intends to equip GTAs with some practical teaching skills. By the end of the workshop, GTAs should be able to (1) describe the roles and duties of being a GTA at HKUST, (2) prepare for the 1st day of class, (3) identify instructional techniques that facilitate student learning, and (4) experience some effective teaching strategies.

Basic principles of marking and grading will be introduced by engaging GTAs in a simulated marking exercise. By the end of the workshop, GTAs should be able to (1) describe some basic principles of marking and grading, (2) mark in a fair and consistent manner, (3) provide meaningful feedback, and (4) deal with cheating and plagiarism.

This workshop aims to introduce some effective in-class presentation strategies for GTAs. Group activities and discussions will be used to ensure that after the workshop, GTAs will be confident in preparing, developing, and delivering successful presentations for teaching. GTAs will also learn how to cope with stage fright.

In this workshop, GTAs will learn how to manage a class for more effective teaching and learning. GTAs will be provided with (1) basic key strategies to minimize the chance of having classroom disruptions, and (2) advice on handling different disruptive situations when they occur.

The aim of this workshop is to enhance the effectiveness of classroom teaching by increasing interaction between teachers and students and student peers. By the end of this workshop, GTAs will be able to (1) describe the benefits of interactive classroom, (2) experience various interactive activities, and (3) identify common issues when implementing interactive activities, and (4) find ways of handling different issues.