Student Learning Research Seminar: The New 4-Year Cohort – A first glimpse of the DSE students

Thursday, 15 November, 2012 - 12:30 to 14:00

Presenter:  Dr Tak HA, CELT

Format: Seminar

In thisseminar, it has began with a brief report on the differences between the 4Y and 3Y cohorts based on data the Library and CELT collected recently, including their information literacy test scores, family background, pre-university experience, readiness for university education, goals and expectations. In the later part of the seminar was a panel discussion about the new 4Y cohorts with the following representatives from different schools:

  • Prof Roger Cheng (SENG)
  • Prof Mark Mihorean (MGMT/ SBM)
  • Ms Jan Pople, (CLE/ SHSS)
  • Dr Maosheng Xiong, (SSCI)