A Postgraduate Course: PDEV 5010 Preparing for an Academic Career

Tuesday, 7 February, 2012 - 16:30
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Instructors: Prof Edmond Ko (Director of E2I) and Nick Noakes (Director of CELT)
Time and Date: 4:30pm-6:20pm, Tuesdays
Venue: Room 4503

What is this course about?

Young scholars who start their academic careers often find that they have been ill-prepared for the job. Despite not having any formal training in education, they are expected to be competent and effective teachers. And even though they have been trained as independent researchers, starting and sustaining a research group involves a different set of skills. The purpose of this course is to help students identify the demands of an academic career so that they can be better prepared for it and to begin developing the mindset of a professional academic.

Target Audience

Senior PhD students who are interested in pursuing an academic career.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this 2-credit course you should have a better idea of the expectations and progression of a professional academic career. Specifically, you will be able to:

  1. articulate your teaching perspectives;
  2. explain the different ways people learn;
  3. apply this understanding to course design and implementation;
  4. select appropriate pedagogies and assessments to promote student learning;
  5. communicate more effectively both orally and in writing;
  6. supervise research students more systematically; and
  7. develop your reflective and self-regulated learning capacities.

The learning process

The course will be delivered as a series of weekly workshops which last for about 2 hours each. Since people learn best when they are actively engaged, you will be given many opportunities to participate in the discussions.

Throughout the course you will be able to put theory into practice by working on the assignments. In the process, you will be providing formative feedback to your peers and learning how to improve your work by acting on feedback from others. Furthermore, two microteaching sessions will enable you to consolidate your learning at the end of the semester by working in groups.


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