New Faculty Orientation: Teaching and Learning at HKUST, Fall 2018

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 - 09:30 to Thursday, 16 August, 2018 - 15:30

The “New Faculty Orientation: Teaching and Learning at HKUST” is a teaching and learning introductory program for all teaching staff who has recently joined the University.  This two-day program is specifically designed to take account of some key aspects of teaching and learning in the context of HKUST.  

The first day program introduces some essential topics such as teaching and learning initiatives at HKUST; demographic and culture of the student body; undergraduate curriculum and common core curriculum, and ways to gather feedback on your teaching.  In addition, distinguish faculty will share their teaching practice and give advice on how to teach effectively.  The second day program offers a workshop on the basic operation of Canvas, an eLearning management system at HKUST, such that you can get ready to organize your course online.  You will also be able to hear from the library on the resources and services that support your teaching and research, the Information and Technology Center on the major IT and AV facilities, and the Design and Manufacturing Services Facility on amenities that support teaching and learning activities.


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Program Rundown

Date/Time Sessions
15 Aug 18 Day 1
Venue: Rm 6558 (6/F, lift 27-28)

Welcome by the Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning)
Session 1: Teaching and Learning @ HKUST and Overview of UG Curriculum

10:15-10:45 Session 2: Overview of the Common Core Curriculum
10:45-11:15 Tea Break

Session 3: Knowing your Students; Teaching in Diverse Classrooms

12:15-13:45 Get-together-lunch
13:45-14:30 Session 4: Getting Feedback on Your Teaching
14:30-15:30 Session 5: Sharing from HKUST Professors
16 Aug 18 Day 2
Venue: Library
10:30-12:00 Session 6: Library Support for Teaching and Research
Venue: Rm 6558 (6/F, lift 27-28)
12:30-14:00 Session 7: Canvas Basic
Venue: Rm 6602 (6/F, lift 31-32)
14:15-15:00 Session 8: ITSC Support and PRS for Teaching
15:00-15:30 Session 9: Design and Manufacturing Services Facility

Program Descriptions

15 Aug 2018

Session 1:  Teaching and Learning @ HKUST and Overview of the UG Curriculum

                    Prof. Roger Cheng, Associate Provost (Teaching and Learning)


This session intends to provide you with a better understanding of all the specific issues related to teaching and learning at HKUST.  During the session, you can hear from the Associate Provost of Teaching and Learning in areas that are of important to you as a new academia, these include an overview of the 4-year UG curriculum; pedagogical approaches; teaching practice performance indicators, and strategic teaching and learning initiatives at HKUST.


Session 2:  Overview of the Common Core Curriculum
                    Prof. Chih Chen Chang, Director of University Common Education,
                    Director of Center for Education Innovation


As the Common Core Program is a key part of the undergraduate educational experience, complementing studies in specialist disciplines and other learning opportunities, the Academic Director of Undergraduate Core Education will also present in this session to give you an overview of the common core curriculum and the development process of common core course.


Session 3:  Knowing Your Students; Teaching for Diversity
                    Dr. Beatrice Chu, Head of Professional Development Team, Center for Education Innovation


This session intends to let you to get to know about the UG students at HKUST.  Some of the UG students’ characteristics including demographics, background and study habits will be introduced. Diversity of HKUST’s student body and teaching for diversity will also be touched upon.


Session 4:  Getting Feedback on Your Teaching
                    Nick Noakes, Associate Director of Center for Education Innovation


Gathering feedback from students about your teaching can be useful in helping you to develop and refine your teaching. This session will provide a number of different ways that you can obtain feedback on your teaching both during a course and at the end of a semester.


Session 5:  Sharing from HKUST Professors (Roundtable discussion)

                    Prof. Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Professor, MARK

                    Prof. Ben Chan, Associate Professor of Engineering Education, CIVL


In this session, you can learn from experienced colleagues on the sharing of teaching practices that can enhance student engagement and learning effectiveness, as well as a round table discussion with them on aspect that bring about good teaching at UST.


16 Aug 2018

Session 6:  Library Support for Teaching and Research

                    Victoria Caplan, Head of Information Instruction & Collection Services, Library

                    Subject Librarians


This session will give you a brief overview of the author’s rights and publishing (copyright, options for publishing and funding agency’s requirement).


Then your subject librarians will give personalized tours to introduce you to the Library and its major resources and services, for example: pertinent databases & e-journals, inter-library loan, library instruction classes for your student's course assignments, research consultations, course reserve, the Institutional Repository, etc.


Session 7:  Canvas Basic

                    May Tse and Rambo Lai, Center for Education Innovation


Canvas is a comprehensive and user-friendly Learning Management System adopted by the University in 2014 to support its changing learning and teaching needs. In this hands-on session, we will guide you through key basic features in Canvas such as creating and managing course content, communicating with students, monitoring learning progress, and grading students’ work.


Session 8:  ITSC Support and PRS for Teaching

                    Mr. David Shiu, Head (IT Technical Services & AV Technology), ITSC

                    Miss Liona Cheung, Assistant Computing Information Officer, ITSC


The Information Technology Service Center (ITSC) will introduce all major IT and AV facilities available in the teaching venues at UST. This session will also walk you through the set-up of Personal Response System (PRS) and how clickers can be used to facilitate your classroom teaching.


Session 9:  Design and Manufacturing Services Facility

                    Patrick Lam, Project Manager, Design and Manufacturing Services Facility


The Design and Manufacturing Services Facility (DMSF) provides support of the engineering design and manufacturing needs of teaching and learning activities, academic research and industrial collaboration projects. This session will introduce the facility and the available services for faculty who have the need of design and build mechanical / electrical / mechatronic artefacts, such as SENG, SSCI and IPO.

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