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Preparing for Teaching & Learning at HKUST

Tue, 2017-09-12 12:30 to Tue, 2017-09-19 14:00

Facilitators:  Dr Beatrice Chu, Educational Developer, Center for Education Innovation
                     Miss Phoebe Mok, Senior Education Development Officer, Center for Education Innovation

Date:  12 Sept, 2017 (Tue) 12:30 – 2:00pm
           19 Sept, 2017 (Tue) 12:30 – 2:00pm

Venue:  Room 6558 (Lifts 27-28)

Preparing for Teaching & Learning at HKUST

Fri, 2016-08-19 11:00 to 15:30

Facilitators:  Miss Phoebe Mok, Miss Elaine Wong
                     Center for Education Innovation

Venue:  Room 6558 (Lift 27-28)

This program is for HKUST teaching support staff (e.g. Instructional Assistant; Teaching Associate) who are engaged in teaching-related activities, such as small-group teaching and/or marking students’ work.

Workshop on Group Facilitation

Tue, 2016-01-26 10:00 to 12:30

Facilitators:  Miss Elaine Wong
                     Miss Phoebe Mok

Format: Workshop

In the first part of the workshop, participants explored the methods of group facilitation while they worked on tasks in groups. It gave the opportunities for real-time reflection about the dynamics of group learning and ways to cope with challenges.