RPGs Learning Support Group November 2012 - RPG Time Management

Fri, 2012-11-23
09:30 to 10:45

The upcoming RPG Learning Support Group will discuss how to manage your time as a RPG student.  The group will share and discuss the following questions:

Intercultural Skills Development among HKUST Business School Undergraduate

Thu, 2012-11-22
12:30 to 14:00

Presenters: Dr. Melody Chao and Prof Larry Farh, MGMT

Format: Seminar

In this seminar, Dr Melody Chao and Dr Larry Farh shared their findings from a large scale longitudinal study of SBM students about the effectiveness of the various intercultural activities in enhancing their intercultural competence and related learning outcomes.

The seminar also featured interactive discussion on how to improve the current curriculums to help students develop stronger intercultural skills.

The “At Your Desktop” Series: Motivating UST Students – from Theory to Practice

Fri, 2012-11-09
13:00 to 14:00

Presenter:  Dr Lucia Yeung and May Tse, CELT

Format:  e-Seminar

In this e-Seminar, participants learnt about how to apply the motivation theory in motivating students in your class over an online collaborative platform called the  Virtual Classroom . They also experienced online learning at their desktop as well as the potential uses of this tool in their own teaching.

Workshop Materials:

Being Intelligent Socially Workshop

Fri, 2012-11-02
10:00 to 11:30

Presenter:  Ms Cathryn Yip

Format: Seminar

In this workshop, participants were guided to expand their repertoire on enhancing social capabilities, earn trust and hugs from people around, and eventually win a more pleasurable and fun road to success in research.


Workshop Materials: