Guidelines for conducting in-class SFQ Surveys


With the widespread use of mobile technology inside campus, ITSC has developed an integrated mobile application, HKUST iLearn App, which offers students a one-stop access to Canvas, iPRS and Student Feedback Questionnaires (SFQ). Currently the app is available on:



Users of mobile phones and tablets other than these two platforms (such as Blackberry or Windows Mobile) can also complete SFQ surveys by going to the SFQ Mobile Website ( for a more mobile-device-friendly interface. With this mobile app, instructors can ask students to complete the SFQ surveys in class. This document aims to provide some information and guidelines on how to conduct SFQ surveys in class using mobile apps effectively.

Preparation before conducting SFQ in class

1. Check the availability of the Wi-Fi network

Basically all teaching venues, library and laboratories in HKUST are covered by campus Wi-Fi (i.e. sMobileNet). However, if you are conducting SFQ in other campus locations[1], please check the Wi-Fi coverage in advance.

2. Make sure the SFQ survey of your section is open for data collection

If you plan to conduct your survey outside the scheduled survey period, please update the survey period through the administrative staff of your department or CELT staff.

3. Inform students

Let students know in advance of your plan to conduct the SFQ in class. Remind them to install HKUST iLearn App on their mobile devices beforehand.  They can go to the front page of the CELT website where there is a link to download the app under “Useful Links”.  The app can also be searched easily by keywords “HKUST iLearn” in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

4. Allocate enough time for students to complete SFQ

To complete a standard SFQ survey, students would need 10-15 minutes.  If you have more than one SFQ survey you need students to complete, you would probably need to allocate an additional 5 minutes for each extra survey.

5. Check out the survey ID

Students often have to fill in more than one SFQ survey.  To help students find the SFQ survey of your section, you need to let them know the survey ID of your section.  Each SFQ survey has a unique survey ID (For example, for PHYS 1001 L1, the ID would probably be like this: PHYS-1001-L01-SI.). If you are not sure what the survey ID is, please contact the administrative staff of your department or CELT staff.

During the class

  1. Before the students complete the SFQ survey, explain to students the purpose of the evaluation and enlists their co-operation.  Assure the students that the survey is anonymous.
  2. Let the students know the ID of the SFQ survey of your section.  Tell them to find it from the list of survey IDs in their mobile app.
  3. Ask students to login to the HKUST iLearn App / Mobile website using their ITSC accounts.
    Students can complete SFQ via either of the following channels:
    1. HKUST iLearn App (for users of Apple iOS or Google Android only); OR
    2. SFQ Mobile Website ( - For users of other devices including mobile devices not using iOS and Android, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  4. Leave the room while the students start to complete the questionnaire. Students usually would take about 5-10 minutes to complete the standard SFQ survey.

After conducting SFQ

The survey remains open until it reaches the end of the survey period. Hence, students who did not complete the survey in class can still complete the surveys after classes. They will also be reminded regularly through emails to complete SFQ if they have not done so.

Frequently asked questions for instructors

Q1. As an instructor, do I need to have a smart mobile device to conduct SFQ survey in-class?
A1. No, you do not need to have a smart mobile device.

Q2. Students cannot login to the app / mobile version or submit SFQ.
A2. Please check that the device is connected to the internet via sMobileNet.

Q3. Students have problems installing or using the  HKUST iLearn App on their devices.
A3. You can ask them to complete SFQ using the web browser in their mobile device at:

Enquiries and Support

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the SFQ Survey Support Team by email ( or by phone (Tel: 2358 8916).


[1] You can visit the HKUST Hotspot Locations webpage for a detailed list of Wi-Fi coverage.
Please note that Wi-Fi is available at HKUST Business School Central.