Consultation for Teaching

We provide one-to-one consultations to all faculty and teaching staff in a number of areas:
  • Instructional Development - online and classroom based
  • Course Management Systems, the development of Teaching Support tools and Course Evaluation
  • Educational Research, Self-assessment of teaching and Peer-assisted learning

If you would like some help from CELT in any of these areas, please contact the people below.

Instructional Development

The Instructional Development (ID) Unit, comprising instructional designers, learning and teaching facilitators and consultants, multimedia designers and web programmers, provide professional assistance on your instructional needs ranging from ad hoc consultation to co-development of instructional projects for both on-line and classroom applications. If you wish to investigate this area further, please contact the Director, Nick Noakes.

Course Management Systems, in-house Teaching Support Tools and Course Evaluation

If your teaching development idea or initiative involves HKUST's existing course management system, the development of a computer-based tool to support learning and teaching or course evaluation, then please contact Dr Tak Ha who heads up this Unit. The Unit has already developed a number of in-house technology tools and details of these can be found here.

Educational Research, Self-assessment of Teaching and Peer-assisted Learning

If you are interested in researching your teaching or your students' learning or in developing peer-assisted learning support for your students, then please email our Associate Director, Dr Tak Ha who heads up the Evaluation & Research Unit, or call him on Ext. 6812 to set a time and talk about your teaching and plans. If you wish to conduct self or peer review of your classroom teaching, a videotaping session can be organised for you with the Publishing Technology Center and we can also assist you in working out an action plan for further improvement. For a detailed description of this service, please click here. A suggested reviewing procedure and self-evaluation checklist (PDF, 44k) is also provided for your reference.