Erwin Huang

  • Senior Advisor for Entrepreneurial Education at HKUST
  • Adjunct Professor of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management by UST Business School
  • Associate Professor on Engineering Practice by UST Engineering School​
  • Chairman of eLearning Consortium (eLC)
  • President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF)
  • Board of Director of The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)
  • Founder and Content Curator of online media
  • Founder and CEO of WebOrganic
  • Founding Committee Member and Vice Chairman of Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (Safety Bell)
  • Non-Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Tse Sui Luen Jewellry (International) Limited (HKEx 417)

Erwin is a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in bringing technology to education and social enterprise. As an angel investor, Erwin has extensive experience running startups, public companies as well as social enterprise, and has invested in multiple Publishing, ICT and mobile companies over the years in HK, PRC, Tokyo, Silicon Valley USA, and London. He has successfully helped multiple companies go public in Hong Kong and Europe and ran one of the largest luxury companies in PRC for ten years. In 2009, the Silicon Valley-trained expert and serial entrepreneur participated RTHK’s reality TV show “Rich Mate Poor Mate Series” to experience the lives of the underprivileged, where he was arranged to live in a crummy subdivided apartment in Shum Shui Po and worked as a cleaner for a public housing estate earning 50 HKD per day. This experience had significantly changed Erwin’s view towards life and motivated him to actively engaging in social entrepreneurship and helping the underprivileged groups via social innovations and information technology. He is teaching Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor to students from different majors in various Universities, and he is dedicated to provide mentorship to young entrepreneurs and cultivate students’ entrepreneurial spirit and social innovation by bringing in startups and co-working space networks.