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Prof Chih-Chen CHANG, Director of CEI
Extn: 3469-2050      Email: cechang@ust.hk

Prof Chang joined the University in 1993 and is currently a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a research interest in smart structure technology. In conjunction to his appointment as the CEI Director, Prof Chang is also the Academic Director of the Undergraduate Core Education. He is a key participant in new educational initiatives of the University, including development of blended learning courses, outcome-based education, and academic curriculum fostering the attainment of HKUST’s graduate attributes.


Mr Nick NOAKES, Associate Director of CEI
Extn: 2358-6809      Email: ctnick@ust.hk

Nick Noakes joined The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 1994 and has been in the Center (previously CELT) since January 2001.

Nick's areas of research interest are teaching and learning practices around emerging technologies in higher education, epistemological and cognitive change, and institutional change strategies. Click here if you want to know more about Nick.

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Mr Erwin Huang, Senior Advisor (Entrepreneurship)
Email: erwinhuang@ust.hk

Joined HKUST in 2016, Erwin Huang was appointed as the Senior Advisor for Entrepreneurial Education to teach Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is dedicated to provide mentorship to young entrepreneurs and cultivate students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Erwin actively engages in helping the underprivileged groups via social innovations and information technology. In 2011, he founded the social enterprise WebOrganic. Erwin is also the President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF), Chairman of eLearning Consortium and Vice Chairman of SCHSA (safety bell). Click here if you want to know more about Erwin.


Dr Grace Au, Senior Advisor (Experiential Learning)
Extn: 2358-6812      Email: graceau@ust.hk

Dr Grace Au began her career at HKUST as a faculty member of the Department of Information and Systems Management in 1992. Since 1997, she had assumed a few key leadership roles at the University including the Associate Director of Public Affairs, the Founding Director of the Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT) and the Deputy Director of the HKUST College of Lifelong Learning. From Nov 2007 until Dec 2012, she was appointed as Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Affairs of HKUST.

Apart from being a seasoned senior administrator, Dr. Au’s academic career had involved her in direct interactions with students, and amply exposed her to understanding and handling students’ developmental needs and expectations. She is now assisting the University in co-ordinating experiential learning efforts in academic courses which empower students to learn through critical reflections and actions that transform their ideas into impact.

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General Administration

Ms Yvonne HO Head
Ms Vivian CHAN Executive Officer
Ms Gloria LO Clerk
Ms Connie YUE Clerk

The support and services provided by the team range from fielding enquiries, budget administration, logistics arrangement for workshops, seminars and special events, office management, maintaining office supplies, procurement/acquisition, inventory control, administration support for General Education courses and personnel matters to record keeping.

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Technology-enhanced Teaching

Ms June CHAN Head, Technology-enhanced Teaching
Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer
TBC Educational Research Officer
Education Development Officer
Ms May TSE Education Development Officer
Senior eLearning Content Designer
Computer Technician

The team promotes the adoption of instructionally sound technologies in learning and teaching at HKUST. We support faculty and teaching staff in their teaching efforts through the followings:

  • provide project coordination, Instructional Design advice and evaluation support to institutional eLearning initiatives, such as Blended Learning and MOOC.
  • collaborate with teaching staff in developing online interactive content to support their eLearning initiatives.
  • provide training and usage support on institutional eLearning platform and tools.
  • explore and promote emerging technologies for learning and teaching.

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Professional Development

Dr Beatrice CHU Head, Professional Development
Senior Education Development Officer
Ms Jessica MAN Education Development Officer
Ms Janice NG Education Development Officer
Mr Huey LEI Teaching Associate (Experiential learning)
Ms Giovanna TANG Education Development Officer
Ms Elaine WONG Education Development Officer
Mr Derek LAM Assistant Teaching Development Officer
Mr Michael YU Research Assistant

The team has two areas of work to promote professional development for teaching staff and postgraduate students at HKUST. The team develops and conducts professional development programs for teaching staff (both faculty and non-faculty) including faculty orientation, workshops and seminars on educational topics and teacher training. The team also delivers training for the postgraduate students through the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training program and professional development program for Research postgraduates (RPG).

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Experiential Learning

Ms Helen WONG Program Director (HKUST Connect)
Instructor (HKUST Connect)
Ms Beryl LAM Program Manager (HKUST Connect)
Ms Miranda MAN Assistant Program Manager (HKUST Connect)
Mr Thomas NG Assistant Program Manager (HKUST Connect)
Mr Robert GARRETT Education Development Officer

The team supports faculty to develop experiential courses and faculty-led service learning initiatives in areas such as partnership development, project design and facilitation with experiential learning pedagogy. The team also dual reports to the Student Affairs Office (SAO) to facilitate students’ learning in co-curricular programs; those programs and training delivered focus on students’ community engagement, and personal and leadership development.

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Undergraduate Core Education

Prof CC CHANG Academic Director
Ms Yvonne HO Head
Ms Frances YIP Senior Manager
Ms Theresa TAM Manager
Ms Aerica LEE Assistant Manager

The team provides administrative and executive support to the Committee on Undergraduate Core Education (CUCE) in common core course administration and promotion of university core education. It also supports and coordinates the quality assurance activities of the Common Core Program.

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Arts and Creativity

Dr Anna KWONG Program Director (Center for the Arts)
Ms Tammy KONG Assistant Manager
Ms Catherine TSE Senior Multimedia Designer
Ms Gloria CHOI Program Officer
Mr Jeff LAI Program Officer
Ms Vickie WONG Program Officer
Mr Sunny TANG Clerical Assistant

The team is a joint force of HART courses support staff and the Center for the Arts. We run studio-based art courses and complement them with co-curricular activities. The team also promotes the appreciation of artistic and creative expression through a wide range of art and cultural events on campus.

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